Thursday, September 6

Public Newsroom 77: Reframing Conversations on Racism

6:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Have you ever tried to show someone the impact of injustice and left feeling frustrated or defeated? You’re not alone. Talking about race and equity is difficult for most of us—but it’s one of the most important conversations to have to bridge our differences and build a better Chicago. So how can we reframe conversations around structural racism to be productive for everyone?

Chicago United for Equity Co-founder and Executive Director Niketa Brar will lead our 77th Public Newsroom. She’ll kick things off by presenting on CUE and their work across the city, and then transition into an interactive activity where guests will get a chance to simulate reframing a tricky conversation about racism. We encourage participants to think of challenges they face in advancing racial equity and bring those to the table—this is an open dialogue, attendees can bring their full selves.

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