Saturday, October 20

I Still Believe In Dumb Things, I Think

6:00 pm — 8:00 pm

“I Still Believe in Dumb Things, I Think” is a space for memory, storytelling, and tenderness. It’s that place between where you want to be and what you want to mean. It’s wondering how everyone else made 24 look so cool and what you are doing wrong. It’s the box of things your mom is threatening to throw away that you’re too embarrassed to hold in your eyes one more time. It’s the sun giving you 10 more minutes on the last night of summer. And the things you wish you’d known 3 years ago.

Dan will read from their book, Another Dumb Thing. You can preorder the book, and buy an exclusive 11×17 poster, pick up some mini comics, and ask Dan about their cat. We’ll wonder what it was like when we had just started. And maybe (Dan hopes) you’ll share with them the things you wanted to mean when you were 17. Come with stories and that song you belted with the car radio when you were 10 and your mom ran into the bank.

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