Sunday, November 24

Decolonizing Desire: A Listen Party & Discussion

4:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Join audio producer Erisa Apantaku for an afternoon of candid and vulnerable conversation around decolonizing desire. After realizing most of the crushes she’d ever had were on white people, Erisa set out to understand why this was happening within herself. Interviewing her queer, non-white friends about their experiences led to a 10-minute audio piece commissioned by the BBC Radio program Short Cuts. The piece—an intercut chorus of voices, feelings, and stories—explores the origins of desire and the issues that can arise when people of color partner with white people. After listening to the audio piece, Erisa will facilitate a discussion touching on key things she asked interviewees and give participants an opportunity to record their own reflections on desire. *THIS EVENT IS FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY*

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